The Band
Joey LoPresti (Lead Vocals)
Kyle Smith (Guitar, backing vocals)
Jackson Gibbons (Drums, backing vocals)
Joe Floress (Keys/Organ/Piano/Synth etc., Horns and backing vocals)



Alabaster is a jam band at their roots. They flaunt a style that is very passionate and energetic. Their emotions are poured into every lick and riff they play. Alabaster is not bound by genre but draws influence from Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, and Reggae to name a few. They have a more old school take, similar to The Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin. Alabaster consistently challenges themselves to push their creativity and musicianship to a new level through improvisation and exploring their music and to make sure the crowd really gets down. 

In addition to Festivals, and Club appearances Alabaster has played several private parties in Illinois and Wisconsin including a Valslist party, College Parties at Notre Dame and Rutgers along with, other events such as parades.

Alabaster is available to make any event a great time.