Art in the Dark

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Riverwalk Pub Food & Spirits, 911 River Road, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Art in the Dark is an experience unlike any other.

Art in the Dark is designed to showcase both professional and amateur, regional artists, musicians, writers, performance artists and more to share their works and connect with like minded creatives!!

But our true mission is to inspire creativity in all of us! To show people that all you have to do is act on an idea and you become a part of the solution. To be in a shared space with so many creative minds and creative energies is a truly magical experience that elevates all involved

At this event, we will feature a host of artists, poets, musicians and more including:

Old Soul Society Justin Woods Alabaster Jellystone- band Kyle Lane Gary Frisch Cory Walker Rachel Rosenblum Bobby Zonit Laura Oliveri Rollick and Roam Eric Kaun Tyson Purcell Trevor J Matczak Rick Markley Elizabeth Onheiber and many, many more!!

Please join us for this spectacular FREE, ALL AGES event!